Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Set, 5 Mini Bottles

Herbal Tea Sampler Gift Set, 5 Mini Bottles

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My herbal tea sampler gift set comes with 5 hand blended loose leaf herbal teas and house shaped tea infuser with teapot charm and your choice of beautiful beads. It's a ready made gift for any tea lover, including yourself!


- 5 hand blended, caffeine-free, loose leaf herbal teas in 3.25" high by 3/4" cork top bottles (approximately 3-4 teaspoons each): peppermint floral, chocolate herbal chai, berry hibiscus, relaxing bedtime tea, and cinnamon apricot. Descriptions below.

- House shaped tea infuser* with teapot charm and pretty beads nestled in a cloud of pretty tissue paper- choose your bead color/style during check out. Please see last photo for choices. Please note that the infuser comes with a rectangular tray to put it on when done steeping.

- Packaged in a 5.5" x 4" x .75" gift box with clear front, tied with satin ribbon, and includes instructions for brewing.

* Please note that from time to time this set may come with a teapot shaped infuser.


PEPPERMINT FLORAL- refreshing mint is blended with sweet rose hips, passion flower, and rose, cornflower, and calendula petals for a bright and flowery tea.

CHOCOLATE CHAI- rooibos tea is rich in essential minerals and makes a decadent chocolate treat when blended with ginger, green cardamom pods, chocolate chips, and chocolate flavoring.

BERRY HIBISCUS- a beautiful mix of elderberries, rose hips, and hibiscus to be enjoyed hot or iced.

RELAXING BEDTIME Tea- a soothing, calming blend of chamomile, passionflower herb, lavender, and rose petal. CINNAMON APRICOT TISANE- a lovely blend of dried apricot pieces, marigold petals, and cinnamon, it's a sweet fruity mix, perfect as an after dinner tea or iced in warm weather


* Red faceted bead with mini faux pearl

* Black faceted bead with mini faux pearl

* Mirrored/clear faceted bead with black

* Blue bead with mini faux pearl

* Blue-Green with silver-tone

* Lavender with mini faux pearl

* Pink with mini faux pearl

* White faux pearl with black

Please note that the charm may vary.